This is the wikia for the fictional community content belonging to the players of Automation, the car company tycoon game. The content made revolves around the Automationsphere, a world with the history of the real world and companies that behave similar to real ones, where all companies are fictional or parodied. All events, companies, products and otherwise reside within this realm. Most of the notable history begins around 1946 although some can trace roots to much earlier times than this.

About the game

Players are able to choose various chassis and materials, drivetrain layouts, suspension types and more to then fit them in a a range of car bodies, use styling tools and cosmetic design items to allow them to create unique car designs through the decades. By testing and tuning car performance to optimise handling, aerodynamics, acceleration and comfort, design potential is maximised. The community uses the sandbox mode to make their creations, preferring to use their imagination and adhere to the events of reality rather than the generated in-game markets, and out of this, create companies, stories and even nations to roleplay an entire player-created world.

Current Company list

Current companies are listed in alphabetical order here